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Another hike with Zydeco and Zena

Wanted to take the kids out to this abandoned chimney in South Mountain park. Here's how it went! Zy is off to a fast start!
Zena only made it half a mile.
Bushwachking through a stream bed I thought was the trail.
Realizing this is not the trail and having to scramble up a hill. Zy had a little trouble with the loose gravel but avoided the cacti.
Another shot of Zydeco bushwhacking.
The easiest way to get back on the trail just happens to be this rocky outcropping in the stream.
Zydeco isn't quite sold on the idea.
But he does it anyway. Up the ridge he goes!
We made it to the ruins! Here the kids are playing with rubble.
Cool guys don't look at explosions.
Zena is excited while Zy contemplates the world.
Their first album cover.
This is the chimney I spoke of.
Zydeco looking around the foundation .
Gotta see what brother is doing.
What cliff? -Zydeco
Had to put Zena down for a bit. Two miles of carrying her was a little too much.

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