Gun Show Straight Razors

I picked these straight razors up at a gun show years ago and just rediscovered them after going through my knives. According to enthusiasts over at r/wicked_edge, Reddit's biggest wet shaving forum, the first blade is a Griffon Carbo-Magnetic. The second was made in England between 1893 and 1937. The third isn't really a straight razor, I just like the handle which seemed to be ivory.

The consensus was these razors have been through some uneven honing, but they are fixable. I plan to take them to my local shave shop to see if they know anyone in the area who could fix these. I'm not skilled enough to repair straight razor edges. Yet. Anyway, have a look!

Hel-lo dere!

Hello faithful readers. Just wanted to toss up a quick post about this blog and what I'm up to. I've been very busy with working 8-5, raising my son and generally living life. Because of my recent lack of time, I'm thinking of narrowing the scope of my creative pursuits and this blog. At this point, I'm thinking my main focuses will be on Fitness, Martial Arts, Bladesmithing, Making projects and Gaming (including video, tabletop and LARPing). Much less focus for me will be topics of politics, religion, and reviews. Those minor topics will pop up every so often, but won't be my main studies by any stretch.

Also since I have a new phone, Samsung Galaxy S3, I will be taking more videos and possibly using that instead of written posts. Not totally sure as of yet but we'll see. I'm very excited about playing with the different mediums available to me.

I'll have more updates but that's it for now. Here's a video of my son looking around.



New New Beginnings

Since I'm unemployed, I decided to stop paying for hosting of my Miguel's Musings blog. This made things tricky with the hosting service, since they tend to expect payment, so I looked for a free alternative. I've found blogspot here has greatly improved since I started blogging. Plus, blogspot has the benefit of being free. So here I am again!

I do have all the old posts archived here. Right now, I don't have the time to go back and edit them all. Some have broken pictures, some have messed up formatting, some I even question writing in the first place. There aren't many in that last category, but I haven't decided what to do with them yet. On  one hand, I am generally in favor of totally leaving all that out in the open. An embarrassing history hopefully proves growth. On the other, they were pretty inflammatory. I'll see. I do like inflammatory.

Anyway, much to do, new blogs to write. Let's see how this goes.