Hel-lo dere!

Hello faithful readers. Just wanted to toss up a quick post about this blog and what I'm up to. I've been very busy with working 8-5, raising my son and generally living life. Because of my recent lack of time, I'm thinking of narrowing the scope of my creative pursuits and this blog. At this point, I'm thinking my main focuses will be on Fitness, Martial Arts, Bladesmithing, Making projects and Gaming (including video, tabletop and LARPing). Much less focus for me will be topics of politics, religion, and reviews. Those minor topics will pop up every so often, but won't be my main studies by any stretch.

Also since I have a new phone, Samsung Galaxy S3, I will be taking more videos and possibly using that instead of written posts. Not totally sure as of yet but we'll see. I'm very excited about playing with the different mediums available to me.

I'll have more updates but that's it for now. Here's a video of my son looking around.



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