Timeout Angst

This is an original abstract piece in Sharpie on Cotton. Some of his earliest work, the artist's intent was to protest injustice directed upon the youth by the ruling classes.


Out for a ride

Took a couple of videos while out on our afternoon ride. The tricky part was aiming backwards and downwards at the trailer while keeping the bike straight. Enjoy!



Another sleepy time picture. You'd think all this guy does is sleep. You'd be wrong. So horribly horribly wrong.


Zydeco in a gulley

Took this one yesterday on the way to and from the mailbox. I kinda went nuts playing with the annotations and it gets hairy near the end so viewer discretion is advised.


Going for a ride

Your legs are just barely too short, Zy. Still need the trailer as much as you scream when you're in it.


New Bike! Specialized Sirrus 2013

Specialized Sirrus 2013
New bike day! Already accessorized with vertical bars and trailer hitch. Very excited as this is my first fixed fork 700c road bike. Felt like I was flying around the block and will be great for commuting and towing Zydeco's trailer around. Whee!



Zydeco, and half the house, is sick today. Coughing and runny nose since Monday. For whatever reason he's taken to waking up at 0630, which is great for his night owl parents with things to do when he's asleep. At least he's cute.
Pillow fort gone wrong.