Father's Day 2014

A quick Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there including my dad, who i'm sure is very sad about Ecuador getting beat by Switzerland in extended time. Also quick shout out to my Father-in-law, who sent me a very nice card and looks to be having fun at a baseball game.

I thought today would be a good day to introduce my Moment of the Week series. I got this idea from a great podcast I listen to and highly recommend, The Dad Podcast. The idea is to take a second to reflect on the past week and take note of a particularly nice moment with your kid(s).

So first moment of the week isn't anything terribly special. I think it was Tuesday this past week that Zydeco actually sat still and let me read him Goodnight Moon without kicking the book away, squirming to escape or squeezing the pages on my fingers. I read through it, closed the book and he turned onto his side and fell asleep. So easy.

Edit: Kind of a secondary moment of the week, Zydeco has a Little Tikes truck that he likes being pushed around in. Today he wanted to be pushed around the back patio for about 45 minutes in 100°F. Yay parenting!


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