Exclusively Irrigation

Zy and I went for a walk yesterday before a thunderstorm. Since we had his new wagon, I thought we'd do some offroading. I started noticing large pits and holes in the ground and thought I'd take some before and after shots to see how bad the storm washed everything out. This little photo essay is for my mom and friends back at the OCSWCD!

A boy and his tube.

On the move.
My intrepid assistant, scoping things out.
 Hole in the ground

 Another hole.

 Exposed sprinkler line.

 Flood plain.

Some dirt. Mostly rocks.

Water-swept plants.

Why isn't it moving?

This looks alright.

Sure, we've got time.

Water break.

Still got time.

Paw with paw for scale.

 Got a little buildup there.

Lots of sand.


Looks a little troublesome.

This was like the other one but got cleaned.

Probably because it's next to houses and the other isn't.

Another irrigation line.

Same line.

Beer can and child for scale.

Someone dropped a bucket.

Time to drive!

The open road.

 Gettin' closer...


A new and brighter day.

Not much change here.

Pipes still exposed.

I think more of the pipe is exposed here.

 Lost a little dirt.

At least the beer can made it.

Bucket still there.

It could support my weight, but I didn't test that for long.

Farther shot.

Lots of pipe.

More exposure.

Roadblock again.

Couldn't've rained that much if our tracks are still here.

Lots of sand.


That sidewalk is thin.

Holes in ground part two.

Maybe a little deeper.

Not much change.

Still got dirt.

Plenty of dirt.

And that was all I took. I stayed as close to the same angles as I could for a good comparison. Looking back, I had no idea about the difference in sunlight. The first group was around 5pm, the second at noon. The wagon took a little beating but still works. Overall a good expedition.


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