Four Months in Review

Coming up on the end of the year now and we've been very busy, so the blog's fell by the wayside. I thought I'd do a quick wrap up of the past four months just to get some people caught up.

First off, it was a dark and stormy day...

A few short (for me) hours later, Zena was born!

 One of her first pictures.

Zydeco, Zena and Mommy.

Sleepy daddy not crushing this one.

Wake up time.


Being cute
Zena is a very active baby.

Being super cute.

"Nice touches."

Sure, they get to sleep.

Our house was too full so Zydeco was forced to fend for himself in the world.

Here he's foraging bushes for edible plants.

Having depleted the purple flowers, he expanded his hunting ground.

Fortunately he has his hat to protect from the sun while gathering food.

Taking a bath.

Scouting a prime fishing ground.

Zy took to odd construction jobs to make ends meet.

 And sometimes did free agency for local sports.

Nah, just kidding. He's fine.

Tubby time.

Zena looking dapper.

Playmat time.

Pirate treasure.


Hauling some gold.

The elusive family photo.

Playing on the floor.

Nap time.

 Couply family shots.

Oh hello.


Hello there.

Climbing up a plastic net.


Weeee! Down the truck goes.


Sandy feet.


Oh, a giant light up train.

This isn't what I ordered.

Mmmm, pie. That's better.

I'd rather have towel.

Goin' on a daddy and son trip.

Found a hole!

Sure, jump right in!

Not too sure about unlevel floors yet.

It is a bit Seussian.

Zy loved this wall thing. It pushed ping pong balls and tissues around with pressurized air.

It's Little Foot!

Sleeping hard.

Double the stroller. Double the fun.




Sitting places.

Thanks, Saudi Arabia. This is the least I've ever paid for gas in my entire life.

Santa pics!

Fishes indoors.

This was a light show set to the music. Zy was very still the whole time.

Zoo Lights 2014 Pictures

Tree hunting has gotten easier since I was a kid.

Tree setup with help.

Inspecting the needles.

Almost Christmas.


Tasty lights.

Oooo, what is that?



Choo choo!

Zy is ready for Qatar!

He'll get there.


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